Friday, June 17, 2022

Day 6 in Africa.

Today was our 2nd day on the mountain.
We trekked out of the rainforest through some steep ridge passings
to the top of the moorland, where we stopped for lunch.  
I'm still feeling energized and good.
Being here with Chrisitan and many fellow burn survivors seems surreal.  
I feel honored and grateful to be alive and
on this beautiful mountain.
We were welcomed to the campsite this evening with songs and dancing
from our good porters.  
They have so much energy I cannot fathom.
One of the porters grabbed my hand and
started to dance with me. Oh boy. I have no moves.
I felt like an idiot but also felt so happy and carefree.
These beautiful men have that effect on all of us.
They are the best!

I was so surprised at how well I slept.
I was a bit cold, but I'm ALWAYS cold.
Christian bought us down sleeping bags that CAN ZIP TOGETHER
 and I am so glad he did!
In the morning, at 6:30, our porter gently woke us up and brought us hot water
which we sipped on to help us wake up.
Most everyone else had either coffee or tea, but since we don't drink
either, we opted for hot water.
I drank half and used the other half to wash my face and help me
wake up. Getting up and getting going is the worst part for me.
We packed our bags and tent and entered the main tent for breakfast.
We're served eggs, toast, oatmeal, and fruit each morning for breakfast.
The kitchen porters are amazing and cook so well!
We continued on our trek.
This afternoon was the first time we could see Kilimanjaro.
It's been covered by clouds since we arrived in Africa.
It's big, and I admit I felt a little overwhelmed.
This is going to be a big climb.
We went through the moorlands across a large gorge
 and reached the Shira Campsite at 12.450 feet and about 6 hours of hiking.
I'm starting to connect with the other team members, which is nice.
Christian is always right behind me in line while we hike, and I love it.
For Christmas last year, Christian gave me
solar-powered twinkly lights for our tent.  
It makes our space happy and bright. I love it!

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