Thursday, June 09, 2022

Halloween Punkins.

A few weeks ago, we found a property in the country that
we all fell in love with it, and today we secured it!  
We will be moving (I know! I hate it, too!)
 in July, right before Claire gets home! 
 The house needs some renovations and work, but we're excited to do it,
and it's very small.
But we have big plans for it and are excited to work together to make
it is comfortable for our family!
We've been so patient for something like this to come up, and it finally did!
(Thank you, Lord!)
Here is why I'm so excited:
-We can have Angus back!
-It's in the middle of cow pastures, which means we can get an NC herd!
-No neighbors
-No streetlights
-No other houses close by
-gravel road
(I could go on and on).
Today we went out to the property
 (which has a name, more on that later)
and planted our Halloween pumpkins. (Or "punkins").
We still need the key, but if we wait longer to plant the seeds,
the punkins won't be ready for Halloween, and we can't let that happen!

Also today:
Christian took Lottie on the motorcycle to her friend's birthday party.
Good memories. 

Ollie was invited to participate in an internship later this summer
which is one of the best schools for helmet engineering and innovations.
He's sooooooo excited! took a photo of him 
with all his specimens (helmets)
that he studies relentlessly!

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