Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Pizza on the porch

Today was the official last day of school.
Lottie's class had a party and end-of-the-year poem reading.
She's ready to be the big 5th grader, the oldest in the school 
since 6th grade is in middle school.
Part of me is super sad that she's that old!
But I've loved watching her grow and develop into such a beautiful girl!
We LOVED her teacher, Mrs. Carpenter,
who was also her 3rd-grade teacher last year and did such
a good job sticking with the kids during the rotten pandemic.
She was extremely patient, especially with a year and a half of online learning...Yuck!
So to celebrate the last day of the 2021/22 school year, 
we had pizza on the porch! 
 Our dreams are to one day have a legit fire pizza oven in our backyard,
but we're not quite there yet, so we bought an Ooni pizza oven.
It uses wood chips and makes such delicious pizza!  
We're delighted with this option for now.

So excited for the summer!!
Now that school is out, we are 100% full-force in
Kilimanjaro mode!  Leaving in just a few days!

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