Friday, April 01, 2022

Date Night with the Boys

 Friday at our house found the boys and me home alone.
Christian was still working (he works long hours!), 
Jane was working at Barre3, and Lottie was at a friend's house for the evening, 
so naturally, they talked me into taking them to Jersey Mike's for dinner.  
I said I'd pay for dinner if they would drive and order for me.

They took such good care of their old mom, and when we sat down together
to eat, we laughed at funny things kids say at school and the 
girl fight they saw.  Gigs also told me about a bench he found
in the woods near the school that he wants to fix up and bring home.
(Probably not).
We also talked about Prom at the end of the month
 and who Ollie was going to ask.
Then Gigs told Ollie about the
"Ten chicks he'd take if he was old enough to go".
Next year buddy!

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