Thursday, March 31, 2022

Drone Dinner

Gigs found out there was a drone take-out dinner service near us
and begged me for weeks to try it out, so tonight, we did.
We drove to the drone landing pad, where we watched this impressive drone 
pick up dinner from burger joints, pizza, and even hot coffee, 
then drop them off to people in their backyards, parking lots, and even the park.
The future is alive and well.
Just as it was our turn to order our food, a giant gust of wind picked up,
 and all drone missions were aborted, and we never did get a turn.
Instead, we sat in the parking lot and ate our dinner that
we used our legs to pick up.
Gosh, such an inconvenience! 

I think Gigs has found his summer job!

When self-check-outs were implemented in grocery stores, I 
thought that was the coolest thing (plus, I love cash registers).
I couldn't have possibly imagined convenience at this level.

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