Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Balanced Homebodies

Today I took Ollie, Gigs, and Lottie to their yearly check-up.  
Other than Ollie and Gigs needed a few crucial immunizations,
 everyone is perfectly healthy.
I think I sometimes take for granted how healthy my children are.  
They are growing and thriving in all aspects of their lives.
They are remarkable kids with a balanced life 
(despite being homebodies, like me).
I love the children and youth program at church that is
centered around helping children and youth to grow in 
four major areas — spiritually, physically, socially, and intellectually 
"Heavenly Father has given you talents and spiritual gifts. 
He wants you to use these gifts and talents to be happy and bless others.
You once lived with Heavenly Father, who knows everything and loves everyone. 
He wants you to be like Him! He gave you a body, abilities, and spiritual gifts. 
He wants you and all of His children to discover and develop these gifts. 
He gave us a plan to help us be happy and bless others."
I am grateful for the standards and commandments that keep us healthy,
happy, and safe.  Those things are often
made fun of and criticized in today's world. 
In our home, they're celebrated, and as a result, we're happy-
even when things are challenging and overwhelming.
(Lottie and Ollie in Provo, 2017)

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