Tuesday, January 18, 2022

We're Tough.


I came across this photo of Claire and Lottie in 2016.
I was taken back at how similar their facial expressions are.
I mean, I could cut and paste their faces on each other
and it would STILL look like the same person!

Last night all of us sat around my computer and looked at photos
of our family, houses, vacations, holidays, births, baby photos,
parties, the #afterchurchnies through the years, and all our moves.
Each photo had a story, and with each story came six different memories
(it would be seven if Claire was with us!).
Some were good, some were sad, some were happy, 
but most were really funny!
We've lived a full, busy life, we Nielsons have, 
and I am grateful for my amazing children,
my sturdy husband, and the highs and lows we've experienced as a family.
While looking at the photos, I felt so many emotions,
but the ones I felt the most were that we're tough and resilient,
and we're better together.

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