Wednesday, January 19, 2022

dear brndsentr...

Every year I send Christmas cards to the two burn centers
that initially treated Christian and me.
The Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix
and The University of Utah Burn Center in Salt Lake City.
These two burn centers were everything in our recovery.
They saved us and helped us assimilate into our new lives.
Both hospitals have a very special place in our hearts, and every year
I send them a Christmas card, and I probably will forever.
Most of the staff these days don't even know us 
since it's been 13 years, but we know them and are so thankful for them!
In 2015 Nicholas handed me a letter that he had written and wanted me
to add to the envelope along with our card.  
Dear Burn Center,
You might know my mom, Stephanie.
She was burned too.
I hope you have a good Christmas.
I hope you get better (smile face).
From Nicholas.

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