Friday, January 14, 2022

Faith and Finals.

 Last Wednesday the boys beagn their first day of finals.
When I picked them up from school, Nicholas announced,
"well, mom, I'm done with school until next Thursday, the 20th.
I can't wait to do anything and nothing at home for the next week."

And I was like, wait, what? 

It was true.
Nicholas did, in fact, finish testing on Wednesday and was done.
Oliver finished his state math test today at lunchtime and was done, too.
So to celebrate, we drove to Apex and met Jane and Christian for lunch.
We were celebrating a few things:
1. Finals finished!
2. No school!
3. BovIQ has had some very, VERY good traction and news!
My word for this year is FAITH.
Faith for the future, faith in the Lord, faith in His plan,
faith to trust, faith in failure, faith in change, faith in growth,
and faith to believe!
That mindset has changed so much in my life.

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