Tuesday, January 04, 2022


Today was back to the grind. It's always the worst
 going back to school after a wonderful holiday break.
I do think that Lottie was ready and excited though.
She was ready to see her friends and hear what Santa brought them,
and show off her new little Gizmo watch.
But the boys, not so much.
As sad as I am to admit it, I am excited to get the house back,
cleaned up, and our family schedule back.
Christian and I are hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in June.  
I think I need to say that again; Christian and I
Wow.  It feels amazing to type that.
We've been planning this journey with our
 friends and fellow burn survivors at the
 Arizona Burn Center for two years.
Thanks to Covid we had to cancel but this June it's finally going to happen!
I will be posting much more about this
 amazing adventure as time goes by. 
For me, this hike symbolizes the mountains that we burn survivors 
climb every day to create a new normal for ourselves and our families.
This mountain climb will symbolize the uphill battles
 I have faced and fought physically and socially.
Its going to be amazing, and I'm really excited!
Last year our passports expired, so today along with 
Jane and Ollie, we went to the post office to renew them.
It wasn't as bad as I expected.  It took a long time but was fairly easy
since I was uber prepared.  
I had some fun with the extra passport photos.

You can watch our short burn documentary HERE
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