Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The First Snow of the year

Big news here in North Carolina!
I didn't care that it didn't snow very much-- or for even for very long,
I was just so excited to see it!
Also, schools were cancelled!
Jane and I subscribe to a few favorite YouTube live camera channels.
Our favorite recently has been the town of 
It's like watching a Hallmark movie.
One day it snowed and I swear didn't stop for FIVE DAYS!  
There was so much snow.
I'd text Jane at work and say;
"Did you see the kids sledding down the hill?"
She'd text me back and say;
"Mom, did you see the horse and sleigh? It looked so cozy!"
Once we rejoiced together over text as we watched a
 snowed-in car get freed by a group of passerby's.  
Does that make us creepy?

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