Sunday, January 02, 2022

Oliver is 17!.

Happy 17th Birthday to Oliver Christian!
We celebrated Oliver with his favorite dinner, 
and his favorite Mexican Chocolate Cake.
I make it for him almost every year.
This year I bought some Olipop sodas in a variety of flavors.
It just seemed appropriate.
Christian and I gave him a power washer so he could
 clean his motorcycle after rides.
He was pretty happy about that.
Next year he will be 18, which means he'll be 
old enough to serve a mission.
(I'm crying).
His plan is to graduate high school early so he'll be eligible to serve 
when he turns 18 instead of waiting to graduate high school in June.
I so admire his desire to serve the Lord and am so proud of all the 
decisions he's made in his 17 years of life.
Happy birthday, Oliver!
It's a pleasure being your mother!
* * * * * 
When Oliver was just a few weeks old, we visited New York City
which was just an hour away from our home in New Jersey
to see The World Trade Center.
He enjoyed his first subway ride.
(Not counting the NYC subway where I went into labor and almost
 made an emergency delivery).
And baby Ollie enjoyed the sights of NYC tucked
 safely in the Baby Borjn on Christian's chest
We were all so excited to have another boy in the family!!

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