Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Priestly Haircut.

Last October, when Nicholas turned 15, I reminded him
 that in January, he would be ordained in church to the office of Priest,
and I suggested that his long surfer boy hair be trimmed up.
Of course, Nicholas can perform his priestly duties with long hair, but 
together we talked about how cutting his hair could show the Lord his
preparedness for his scared role.
I was so grateful and proud of the way he accepted that suggestion
and was all in. In fact, he didn't even resist or hesitate.
Last week when I made the haircut appointment, I asked him how 
he wanted to cut his hair, and he told me (with kind of a sneaky smile)
that he'd send me some photos.
Sure enough, that evening, I got some fantastic screenshots of hairstyles:
A classic 90's bowl cut.

I sent the photos to my cousin, Emily, who was also all in 
and excited.
Oliver and I escorted Gigs to the haircut and took photos the whole time.
He certainly fits the role of a priest, actually more like a 17th-century monk.
But the girls in the church didn't love it- and even told him so.
 When I asked Gigs how that made him feel, he just smiled and said,
"They'll get used to it."

Then we went to Chick-Fil-A for peppermint shakes and waffle fries.

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