Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Happy 15th Birthday, Gigs!.

Nicholas, my once little chubby baby, turned 
He asked for only two things for his Birthday:
 1. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Beginner Electric Bass 
in Race red.
2. To miss school (with Ollie, too).
And so it was.
However, I made him wake up at 5:00 am to go to seminary.
 But he didn't seem to mind, especially since the older
 cute girls in class took him to birthday breakfast afterward.
The boys came home and played their guitars together
  making amazing sounds.
(Whew! That's no joke).
I went to a Barre class and left my phone in the car.
When I returned, I saw that I had missed about 7 calls and 3 texts.
It was from Lottie, who was desperate to talk to me because 
she was so worried Gigs would open up the gift she got him 
(Among Us pop bubble fidget toy) without her.
So we picked her up from school at lunchtime with her gift 
and met up with Christian for a birthday lunch.
After I drove Gigs (Ollie joined us) to the DMV 
to get his 15-year-old permit.
He was nervous.
I was nervous.
But he passed!!!
We were all so excited, especially Ollie, who, because of the Covid restrictions
 had been waiting in the car for over TWO HOURS!
We came home and had donuts for dinner, 
and everyone in the family shared why we love Gigs.
Most of our reasons are because he's so dang funny and makes us laugh.

 In his honor, I posted this on IG:
Happy 15th Birthday, sweet Gigs!
I think the reason why I love recreating photos with you is 
that the changes we see in both of us prove that surviving means
 I get to be alive for many, many more of your birthdays, 
and that's a joy and an honor.
You are the best boy! Love you!
Later, I received a message from a stranger's friend, Alysse.
She told me that she had attended a balloon launch support gathering
 in Arizona held on the Mesa temple lawn in
 late August, just a few weeks after the accident.
She said she had been one of the many who came to show
support and offer prayers for our family.
She took some precious photos of Nicholas and my family
that I hadn't ever seen.
It made me cry.
SO extra grateful to be alive and enjoying and celebrating 
life and these moments with my children!

Happy Birthday, handsome boy!!

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