Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Prep

 Today I woke up early to begin my Thanksgiving prep.  
My goals for this day were to assign the serving ware, 
set the table, and make our pies.
I turned on Christmas music and pretended like it was snowing outside
 even though it was 70 degrees.
 Once Jane got home from work at Barre3 around noon, 
she and I made three pies and I cut up vegetables for tomorrow's dishes.
 Lottie touched up the chips and cracks on my Clark family
 heirloom turkey napkin holders that I inherited.
She matched the original paint by using my nail polish and ta-da! 
The boys were gone all day working on a friend's ranch.
They've been building and constructing ranch stuff, and 
Chrisitan is in heaven.  
Nothing could be better for him than working outside on a ranch
and working with the boys.
Later we grabbed dinner and picked out a Christmas tree (1 of 3).
 Growing up my mom always had a Thanksgiving tree in
the corner of the dining room, it made our dinner so cozy and festive!
My mom always had the best ideas and traditions!
(Cindy Martha Stewart)
I love this time of year, and
I love the family traditions that we've created together.
Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, and Claire gets to call, too!!

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