Wednesday, November 10, 2021


This evening Jane, Christian, Ollie, and I took a Barre3 class together.  
This only happens on rare occasions and tonight was one.
Exercising with my family is definitely one of my favorite things to do together.
Plus, the Nies make me laugh.  Really hard.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the baby stage all those years ago and
babies are just generally the best.
But, having teenagers is really such a joy!
They are my best friends and we genuinely love being together.
When I pray at night, I thank God for my children.
Jane and I have begun Thanksgiving preparations.
I pulled out all of my recipes and we're planning our menu.
This is such a fun time of year because we get to cook all
our favorite foods; Hygge pudding, cider, liquid gold hot chocolate,
pastries, pies, and bread!  Yum!
Also as we look ahead, Lottie is going to be our family St. Lucia this year.
I've already got her white nightgown ordered, and she's picked out
the sweet treat she wants to deliver to our family and neighbors.

Welcome, Holiday season!!

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