Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Carpool Greeter

This week Lottie was chosen to be a car greeter at school.
We wake up extra early so she's there before anyone else and
 with a few other students in her class, 
she greets all the morning carpool kids.  
She's also expected to open car doors, smile, and help the 
little kids with their backpacks.
She was super excited about this experience!
The first day I dropped her off I turned around and got back in line so I
could see her in action and take photos of her.
After school, she told me that there is some kid 
whose grandpa drops him off in his
 Ferrari and all the kid car greeters
fight over who gets to open the door handle.
She's determined to do it so she can look inside.
She's her mother's daughter!

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