Sunday, November 07, 2021

Sunday Dinner!

We did it!  
We had Sunday dinner in our new house!  Yay for us!
This is actually a big deal because, well,  
Sunday dinners are a big deal in our home.
I usually set the table the night before 
so the Nies know this is a special dinner,
and a good way to end our Sabbath day, 
and also because we eat good stuff.
I love Sunday dinner for all those reasons too, but mostly
because Mr. Nielson cooks!
Our dinner table wasn't quite ready yet, but we ate together at the
 kitchen bar with candles, glass plates, and real silverware!  
The next big milestone in this house is making my fabulous Hygge pudding!  
Because it's tttiiiiiimmmmeeee!!

I took a few months off doing #afterchurchnies.
I think I'm ready to start that up again.

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