Thursday, November 11, 2021

Ladybug, ladybug fly away home!

Today I noticed a ladybug city living on the windowsill above our front door.
When I say "city", I mean a metropolis! 
It was disgusting and for someone (me) who has a serious 
case of trypophobia, this was not a pretty sight.
I don't look up there unless I absolutely HAVE to.  
But I have noticed that as each day goes on the city is 
growing and now suburbs are developing to the east of the window.
Tonight around dinner Lottie began telling us about how
 she learned in school that there is a ladybug infestation in North Carolina!  
She told me that more than half the students in her class 
 reported that they all have this problem in their homes!
I read an article that said this:
"Because North Carolina does not have the granite mountain features 
that the beetles seek to pass the winter, they are attracted to light-colored
 houses on the horizon that mimic the usual hibernation sites."

Or it could just mean that THE END IS NEAR!

This situation was giving me vibes from our
That was really gross.

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