Friday, November 12, 2021


 Today the Nies had school off so I took Lottie to the clinic
to get her first COVID shot.  
I am grateful the vaccine is available for children now, and
we're longing for the day when we can go to school and church
without wearing a mask.
After I bought her bubble tape gum for being such a champ.
Then we went home and made
 tuna sandwiches for lunch and the boys joined us.
Gigs sat down next to me and told me that he
was having the best day and was super productive.
Then he tried to persuade me that school is a waste of time and then
 he listed off all the productive things he had done so far.
"I wrote a bass riff and a whole song, 
got some good rest, 
had tuna fish sandwiches (his favorite) for lunch..."
 and then he said to me, 
"and you lit a bunch of candles that remind me of Christmas."

Good times are coming.

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