Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Ghost of the Forest (another Halloween Tale)

When we moved to North Carolina over three years ago we were
 in awe of how many trees and forests there are here.
So many trees!
They hug the roads for miles and cover homes, and in
the fall/winter months everything looks totally different, and you
see homes and structures in places you had no idea existed.
Late one night just after our move, Christian and I were driving in the car
when he dramatically stopped the car and whispered,
 "Holy cow, did you see that?!"
"See what?! See what?  SEE WHAT?!" I remember yelling back.
"It was a white deer, I swear it was a white deer.  I saw it in the headlights."
He told me, still whispering.
I laughed. Pfffshhh, a white deer?  I've never heard of that.
But he swore for months after that sighting that
 he had actually seen this elusive mysterious creature.
Later while out with friends for dinner, Christian recounted his
sighting of this ghostly animal and our friends 
literally dropped their forks and stared at him.
"What?  Did you say you saw the...w-w-white deer?"
It was like he had won the million-dollar jackpot.
They went on to tell us that around these parts
 there is a superstition about this deer because he's immortal and very
hard to spot but if you do, you are 1 of 20,000 that will ever see it.
Then I started feeling jealous.
After that, literally EVERY DANG TIME for nearly three years
that I'd go outside I look for the white deer.  
It took my breath away and I started to cry.
I was driving Lottie to school and as I was slowly driving up the long driveway
he jumped out in front of the car.
You heard me right, I said that HE JUMPED OUT IN FRONT OF ME.
We watched him gallop mysteriously around the woods
until he stopped turned around as if to tell me,
Then he disappeared.
I can die now.

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