Wednesday, October 27, 2021

It's starting to look like Halloween

 This afternoon Lottie and I worked on preparing her Halloween costume.
This year she has decided to be a rollerskating waitress from the '50s.
Rebecca, a friend  at church agreed to make
 her a little pink skirt (with a black poodle)
she couldn't be more excited!
We went over to Rebecca's house this afternoon and picked it up. 
It's perfect!
 We ordered plastic food and a tray for her to skate around with, 
a waitress order pad, and a little diner hat, too.
She of course already is a pro on her rollerskates.
Today we hot glued the food to her tray so she can skate around 
without the food falling off.
After it was attached she practiced outside with the tray and hat on.
She looks good.

Unfortunately for us, Halloween is on a Sunday and we've 
decided not to trick-or-treat since it's still "the Lord's day".
 (I said that in a Nacho Libre voice).
But, fortunately for us, our church congregation planned 
 a trunk-or-treat on Saturday so Lottie is dressing up for that.
 Good thing!
And yes, the boys are dressing up, too!
I can't share it yet, but it's funny and I wet my pants a bit
when they were trying on their costumes.
They make me laugh so much.

Halloween isn't the same this year since we're living in the basement
and because it's on a Sunday.
But the good news is, 
only five more days until we MOVE!

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