Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Last night after an FFA parent meeting that Christan 
and I attended for Ollie and Gigs, 
all of us jumped in the car and went for a ride to see the spooky
Halloween decorations in a popular neighborhood.
It was the perfect night.
It was breezy with lightning! LIGHTNING! It was eerie and perfect!
Sadly, however, I only took one photo of the evening,
and it was of a house with cute pumpkin lanterns, but
it couldn't have been more perfect.
Here is our Halloween playlist if you need some
creepy music for your Halloween needs:
💀Michael Myers Theme
👹Stranger Things
👻Killer Clown Waltz
👹I Cannot See His Color
💀Cornfield Chase
👺Boys and Girls (Stranger Things)
👻Halloween Theme
💀The 2nd Law: Isolated System
👺Nancy and Barb  (Stranger Things)
👹Chamber of Secrets
👻The Banshee
💀Night on Bald Mountain

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