Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hilda for Halloween

Instead of dressing up in usual Halloween costumes at Lottie's school, 
they encouraged all the students to pick and dress up as a
 favorite book character.
(Which I thought was kind of dumb since that is more
work for moms who now have to come up with TWO costumes
for their kids (like me).  
I guess they didn't want any creepy Chuckie's, or Pennywise clowns
in elementary school.  Fair enough, plus choosing a book character
seems a little more acidemic and appropriate.  I guess.)
We talked about Fern from Charlotte's Web or Poppy from the Ragweed Series,
but Lottie had her heart set on a little girl called Hilda who I am 
pretty sure is not a character from a book but from a cool Netflix series.
But I couldn't change her mind.

Christian and I took Lottie to Walmart in search of a blue wig,
like the one Hilda has, and as luck would have it,
 we found one (the last one even!).
She put it on with her beanie, and it tada!
In the morning, Lottie and Jane got ready in their costumes together.
Jane's dental office decided to dress up as characters from 
Harry Potter.  Of course, since Jane has red hair she automatically got picked
as Ron Weasly.  She wasn't too excited about that.
But such a good sport.
The weather has been so lovely and fall-y.
The leaves are turning beautiful colors and I feel happy,
even in my less-than-ideal situation which has been a welcomed feeling!

Happy Halloween!

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