Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Sunday.

After church and later in the evening, we decided to go for our
usual Sunday drive.
This Sunday obviously was different since it was Halloween.
We played spooky music and drove around neighborhoods watching
 all the kids running around from house to house 
in their costumes trick-or-treating.
We didn't participate in the festivities since it was our Sabbath day, 
 but I will admit there was a time or two when we stopped the car at a house,
 and Gigs popped out to run to a porch to get us some sustenance for the ride.
When ya need a Toosie Roll, you need a Toosie Roll, you know what I mean?
It was actually really fun to take in the
 sights and sounds of this wired (but the best) 
Halloween holiday in this way.
It's fun to see neighborhoods coming together,
and people laughing and being friendly.

Yes, this Halloween was different for our family.
It was a bummer.
I mean, we didn't even buy pumpkins.
But I am grateful for change- even hard change.
It helps me grow and experience life in different ways.
I remember spending Christmas in the hospital after the accident
and thinking that that was the worst thing that could happen to me.
Christmas should be spent in a living room 
with a Christmas tree and music,
food, presents, and family.
I was lying in the cold hospital in a bed without any of those things.
But looking back now, it was one of my most memorable Christmases.
I learned many wonderful truths; best of all, I felt God's love
for me. And, no, I wasn't in an ideal situation.
We can feel and access His love anywhere.

We got home and went to bed early since we're MOVING
into our home tomorrow. No one is going to school; 
we're all helping in this exciting effort.  
It was like Christmas Eve; no one could sleep, we were all too excited!
We're ready to go.
The car is packed and stuffed to the brim! 

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