Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Moving Day

 Today is MOVING DAY!
We all got up (Jane still had to go to work) Christian and the
 boys went to pick up the moving van and began loading 
our stuff from one of the three storage units our stuff was stored in.
Lottie and I stayed back in the basement cleaning the basement and loading up 
my car with odds and ends from our long 3-month stay.
We swept up one more time then I locked the door and we left.
It's nice to be turning the page on that chapter.
We are so incredibly grateful to our friends and their generosity
in letting us take over their basement apartment!
I drove straight to our new (not new, but new to us) house!
The boys were unloading the first of many loads inside.
Around 10:00 p.m. I decided to take Lod with me to the store
to get some groceries for our fridge.
Christian, Jane, Ollie, and Gigs kept on moving.  
It was a LONG day!!
We all met together under our roof around midnight
when ALL our stuff was out of storage and the units swept out.
Some of us slept on mattresses, on couches, and Lottie
even slept on the carpet in her room.
But we're together!  Yay!
Ready for another busy day tomorrow!
I am so thankful for healthy strong children, 
especially my boys, and Christian
who can lift, move, assist, and make me laugh-
and sometimes all at the same time!

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