Saturday, October 30, 2021

Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween!!

50's rollerskater waitress:
Before the church Truck-or-Treat, we went to grab dinner
together. This year I missed making our traditional spooky
 Halloween feast, but grabbing Mexican was fun, too.
Ollie & Gigs:
Super scary gorillas:
(Their costume inspiration came from one of our
 favorite Dinsey Halloween cartoons called:
Donald Duck and the Gorilla.
It's old.  It's a classic!

After the church Trunk-or-treat, we went home and 
changed, ate Lottie's Halloween candy,
then together watched The Sixth Sense,
except for Lottie who had already fallen asleep which is 
good thing because it's a way too scarrrrryyyyyyy movie for her.
It's too scary for me!
But, a perfect way to end our Halloween fun!

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