Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Preparing for the FEAST!.

 I have begun preparing for our annual Back to School Feast 
and all the work and surprises that day brings!
This is no small dinner in our family; no, no, this is 
Preparation each year is about the same since 
I'm obsessed with keeping traditions the same.
Christian and I nailed down our family theme last month, 
I picked out the colors, and I ordered my beautiful
Also, each year, I get little goodies like framed photos of the Nies,
 notepads for school, and our new theme framed
 for our collection from Pinhole Press.
This year feels slightly different since we aren't in our permanent home yet.  
The housing market has rocked our world here in NC, and 
finding a place has been such a challenge.  
Our family theme this year has already
blessed and affected my life, 
and I am excited for the Nies to use it in their lives.
(It's NOT: "And my father dwelt in a tent." from The Book of Mormon)
as it feels like it has been.

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