Thursday, August 12, 2021

Under Construction.

For months I have been working on organizing my blog; 
the stories, the photos, and even the exterior are all under construction.
I plan to publish a lot of my original posts again.
Over fifteen years of writing, and more than 4000 posts, it's a lot of work.
Earlier this year, I decided to stop blogging.
I felt like it was time.
In a way, I did stop.
I don't post personal stories as much anymore
and am keeping a lot of experiences within the walls of my home and life.
I post when I want to when I have the time and what content I want.
I still write daily but don't post it all publicly, which feels good to me.
But what I do post, I hope it "publishes peace,...[and] good tidings of good, 
[that] Thy God reigneth!" (Mosiah 15:14)
Plus, between you and me, 
I think many of the trolls and meanies of the interwebs 
who constantly stalked, hurt, and looked to tear me down
saw I had exited the blogosphere, and they went looking
 to hurt and hurl their poison somewhere else.

Good Riddance!

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