Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Day of School 2021!.

 The first day of school has officially come! Yay!  

Oliver: Junior

Nicholas: Freshmen

Charlotte: 4th Grade

The Nies are finally back in school!  
It's literally been a whole year for the boys 
since we opted out of the in-person school option
last year because of COVID.
I was so excited for them!
I am way more excited for them than they are!
It's been a looong time since I've had the house to myself for a few hours.
I need that time alone; I think my introverted self requires a little
alone time to function normally and to be happy.
It's a win-win for us in the Nielson house!
Ollie and Gigs will be attending early morning seminary starting
next week at 6:20, so they will need to be up at 5:30.
This is going to be a great year for growth and responsibility!
Go, boys!
The boy's high school needs more parking passes
for all the students who want to drive, and sadly, Ollie didn't get one.
So he'll be hitching a ride from a friend for a while until
we can get a pass; the school suggested possibly mid-year? 
I'm not going to lie; this makes me a little mad.
Life would be much easier if he had a parking pass and 
could drive to seminary and school.
Perhaps I'm just mad because I swear everything seemed 
WAY simpler and easy when I was in high school!!
I don't remember any of this drama!
I swear, once I turned 16, I walked into the DMV and got my license.
Then I could drive with whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
There are so many rules now. Sheeesh!  
What's it gotta take to be a kid these days?
After the boys left, I drove Lottie to school, and then it 
 all came back to me as I was in the three-mile carpool line:
I live in the car a lot during school days.
So I downloaded some good Audible books about personalities and biographies, 
stocked up on mini Dr. Pepper's, and Trader Joe's olives and suddenly
it doesn't seem all that bad anymore.

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