Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Code of Life.

Yesterday as I was studying about my incredible ancestors online, 
I found an amazing document that my great-great-grandfather,
 Elder Angus Maloy, my Nana Aurora's father, had typed up and titled:
1. Must be honest and above board in all my dealings.
2. Retain respect for my family regardless. 
3. Must not play ball or attend shows on Sunday.
4. Must not be a card player.
5. Have family prayer as often as can under circumstances.
6. Teach my children to pray also and have faith in prayer.
7. Teach my children more by example than precept.
8. My secret prayer shall be expressed in cheerfulness, optimism, 
encouragement, singing, whistling, patience, charitableness.
9. Observe the Word of Wisdom and pay an honest tithing.
10. Don't get so religious that I go crazy over it. Know my capacity and never overload, and stay sane and fit so I can take care of my family.

He is my blood!  I came from him!  I will meet him someday!
I have a lot to live up to, I have a lot to look up to, and a lot to learn from.
When times are hard (and they have been lately), 
I pray for the strength I need and remind myself of those who came before me,
 and it inspires me to keep going! 
I can do this, especially focusing on numbers eight and six!
Thank you, Grampa Angus! 
(He is why we named our pooch Angus!)

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