Thursday, August 26, 2021

One week down!

One week down! We did it!  The first week of school is in the books! 
And luckily for us, Lottie's teacher isn't big on homework (HALLELUJAH!)
We've got some logistical things to figure out especially since 
we only have one car at the moment.  Christian drives his motorcycle to work 
and I feel like I live in the car because by the time I get home, 
I swear it's time to get back in the car and pick them all up.
I don't mind so much.  I listen to a lot of conference talks and podcasts
 about introverts and stuff like that.  
A few days ago I saw a black snake slithering up the tree next to the house.
I think I died. 
Whenever I see things like that, I immediately yell for Gigs.  
Chances are he knows what kind of snake it is and if it's poisonous, 
and how to carefully and kindly remove it and set it free somewhere else.
Yesterday a snake was stuck in the fence that protects the blueberry bushes.
We called Gigs who promptly rescued the rotten thing 
and let it go across the street into the forest.
He (and Lottie, too!) are naturals at finding and caring for little critters.
It's super cute.
This weekend we are focused on one thing: finding us a house!
Pray with us, the market is brutal!

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