Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Prepared for this time.

 Tonight we got an unexpected call from Claire
while we were in the car coming home from a church meeting.
For the last two weeks, Claire hasn't been able to connect with Christian
since he's been at work when she calls, so Claire's mission president,
allowed her to call Christian tonight 
and will allow her to continue to call him each Sunday evening
 so they can connect each week.
We pulled over to talk to her in a gas station parking lot.
It was a wonderful 2-hour conversation, and before we hung up, 
I asked her to think of and write down the events and experiences
 in her life that has prepared her to serve the Lord on a mission. 
Then when she's feeling down about herself or the work she's doing, 
or when she's discouraged by the language, she can reflect on those
 moments and feel a confirmation that she's where she should be
 because she's been prepared her whole life!
This morning we got an email from her with a lengthy list detailing the
 beautiful experiences she's had that have shaped her life and decisions.
 (Some when she was very, very young, too!) Some of her stories
 she shared were times when I
 have felt like I had failed as a mother but to her, 
they've been some of her greatest growing experiences and strengths.
She mentioned our accident, moving to the ranch in New Mexico, working with,
serving and learning from the sister missionaries
 while living here in North Carolina,
traveling to Samoa with her HEFY group, being the oldest in our family,
among a few other things.
I was overwhelmed with love and emotion.❤
I love and miss her, but man! I'm so incredibly proud of her!

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