Saturday, July 17, 2021

Goodbye Wild West!.

 Today we left the desert and heat bound for green and humidity!  
I am so excited to see Christian; I can hardly stand it!  
Saying goodbye to Lindsay was a killer, and we're already
 talking about the next time we will be together, hopefully at the end of this year.
Jane drove all of us to the airport, where we gave a tearful goodbye and watched
her drive the car away.
My mama's heart sank.
I lost both my girls within a matter of weeks from each other.
Of course, I'm happy for them.
 I am happy they're where they are and doing what they
are doing, but I miss them so much.
I miss our little gang.
We had a layover in Las Vegas for 12 hours!  
Yes, you heard me, TWELVE HOURS!
It was a doozy.  
We ate, took a few naps, did some yoga, and all while
 The Killers sang over the airport radio on repeat. (They hail from Vegas).
Around hour eleven, I started to feel anxious.
It's no surprise that I hate flying, and Lottie could sense it because
she started to feel sick. All of my fears and worries
about flying seemed to consume my feelings and
I knew Lottie could tell I was a ball of nerves.
I'm pretty sure I suffer from PTSD.
Flying and airplanes bring back a lot of unwelcomed and scary
 feelings for me, and it just seems to be getting worse.
Lottie told me she felt like she would throw up, so we ran to
the bathroom, and I waited outside the stall with tears in my eyes.
I felt like I was going to break down.
I prayed slightly in my heart, asking the Lord to please
bless me and send me some comfort. 
Lottie walked out of the stall and shook her head. She didn't need to throw up
after all. We walked back to our gate as more people gathered around to board.
I sat down, and right there, sitting right in front of me was a pilot.

I felt prompted to talk to him. Maybe he would show me the comfort
I had prayed for in the women's bathroom. 
I didn't even know what I was going to say, and he looked happy sitting
there alone, peacefully enjoying his silence.
But I felt the nudge again to talk to him and that he would bring the peace
and comfort I had just prayed for.
So, I walked up to him and said something stupid like,
"Do you know anyone who is scared of flying these days?"
It was a dumb question, but I didn't know what else to say.
He looked up at me and smiled.
"No, not really."
Then I said, "well, I am."
Then I sat there and waited. I didn't know what would happen
or what I even expected him to say.
Then he said, "Oh, these airplanes are so safe and easy to fly.
You shouldn't be worried one bit. You should go on, sit
down, and take a nap!"  He continued,
"I wish I had something comforting to say to you, only that
you shouldn't worry."
Then he explained he was a retired Air Force pilot and that that kind of flying
was scary, but this type of flying was a piece of cake.
We must have talked for 10 minutes before Oliver told me that our
 departure gate had changed, and we needed to leave.
Before we left, I thanked him and told him that earlier
 I had prayed to God to help me because I had seriously considered ditching
the flight altogether and instead curl up in a ball in the 
corner of the airport and then probably never leave.
He probably thought I was crazy, but it was important to me 
 that I acknowledge God's love and miracles.
These types of occurrences happen to us more than we know.
Then I walked onto the plane with confidence, peace,
 and the longing to be reunited with Christian again.
It was amazing that the gate was changed; had it not, I wouldn't have
met the friendly pilot and felt the comfort I had prayed for. 
 God is aware. 
When I was seated and comfortable, 
I called Christian and told him I was on my way home
and would see him in six hours in the early North Carolina light.
Then on the plane, all five of us slept.

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