Friday, July 16, 2021

The Nemesis Club

 Today was our last day in Arizona.  
It has been a very wonderful and a very long trip out here in the west!
We've had the best time staying with and hanging out with our dear friends, 
the Joneses, and getting to seeing family in Utah.  
What a summer it's been so far!
To celebrate our last day together, the Jonesons took a trip to Phoenix 
and had a blast pretending to be smart and solve clues, unlock mysteries,
save the world and all that jazz at The Nemisis Club.
I'm not good at that nerd stuff, but the Nies loved it!
After saving the world and with 30 seconds left, we indulged
in some delicious gourmet milkshakes next door at Soda Jerk.
Then I died.
I died of exhaustion, gastro issues, and the emotions of having to
say goodbye to my Jane (who is staying in Arizona for another month),
and to the Jones family who has been THE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD.

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