Thursday, July 22, 2021

Long time coming.

 Today we drove to Durham where Ollie got his license!
Since Covid, the DMV's have been incredibly busy,
and the only available DMV license appointments
 within 2 hours of us in the next 3 months was in Durham.
So we drive almost an hour away to get this beloved document!
Of course, we waited in a LONG line just to check in, and then
waited sat in chairs for a LONG time until our number was called
 at which point we showed the documents to a DMV worker
who informed me that I didn't have proof of insurance.
Of course, I forgot to add Ollie to our plan.
She told me I had 15 minutes to call our provider
 and get him added, otherwise, we'd have to call and
 reschedule this appointment which could potentially be another
THREE MONTHS! I called fast and just by the
 the skin of my teeth got him added and with proof, too!
But, this little glitch put us at the back of the line and so
 we waited again for another LONG
time before our number finally got called and we got to the back 
where Oliver successfully passed!!
And it only took three and a half hours!
Back at home (where we're temporarily staying),
 Ollie played his guitar while Gigs fiddled with his drone stuff
and Lottie helped me shuck corn for dinner.

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