Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Going for the Gold

Today we watched powerhouse USA gymnasts; 
Simone Biles and Makayla Skinner in the Olympics.
Wow.  This kind of talent is beyond me, it's incredible!
When I was 11, I was so inspired by the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.
Shannon Miller was my hero!
And, the basketball dream team was amazing!
During that hot Provo summer, my siblings and cousins held our own 
Clark family Olympics.  
We used our bikes, had running races, there was even rollerskating involved,
and it included our grandma's pool down the street where I won a
gold in the diving competition.
But gymnastics was my favorite.
I used markers and paper to make a USA logo and taped it to my ballet leotard.
Then we used the tree branch over the trampoline to make up amazing
gymnastic bar routines. I really thought I was good.
We did all sorts of flips and tricks and invited parents to come to watch.
We made medals out of fabric and ribbon, 
(which I still have to this day somewhere in my special things).
So this evening watching Lottie outside in the backyard dancing and doing tricks
made me so happy and brought back so many good memories.
She even got the boys to join in!

Then Christian tried to do a cartwheel on the stone wall and fell off.
We all gave him a 10!

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