Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Where are all the good boys?

Today Jane and I went to Scottsdale to look for swimming suits.
It was fun being together, just the two of us.
We talked about her job at the Barre3 studio in Chandler,
 her church calling, and the time she got asked out on a date 
and the DAY OF the date, he called and canceled and
his excuse was literally because the other boys
 in their group couldn't find dates.
Don't get me started on this. I was super angry.
(Couldn't he just go on a *GASP* single date? I know it's hard to comprehend
for these TWENTY-ONE-year-old boys. Someone needs to remind him he's
and he STILL hasn't called her back even after he said he would. 
Big jerk. Not even cool.
Ok, I'm done with that rant.
She was hoping she'd move out here and go on some dates,
and she's been here since March, and no one 
(except for Mr. Cancel has even asked her out.  
Wow, it looks like I jumped back on that rant.
I love Jane!!
She is smart and sensitive and likes cool music.
She is spiritual and is totally devoted to the Savior and His teachings.
She is strong, persistent, knows what she wants, and will work hard to get it.
She's funny and spicy and beautiful all at the same time.
We also stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes and ordered a treat from
the cute little ATM. I told Jane about the time after my accident when I 
was coming from Utah to Arizona for surgeries and check-ups, and
my friend, Jamiee, would bring me Sprinkles cupcakes to help fatten me up.
They'll always remind me of the accident.
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