Friday, June 11, 2021

Work Hard, Play Harder.

The boys got right to work today by
using their muscles to lift and unload heavy things,
 and doing jobs like paint and drywall.
It's a whole different type of work in the heat, and
my boys aren't used to it, and after a full day's work,
they came home exhausted, yet they still went to the pool for hours afterward.
Then they fell asleep during family scripture study
 and it went something like this:
"Your turn, Gigs."
"Gigs? Gigs, we're on chapter 4, verse 3."
"Ok, Oliver, you read instead."
"Ollie? Are you asleep, too? Oooooolllllllliiiiiieeeeeeeee?"
Then Lottie told me, "Mom, it's not even that late."
The heat can really take it out of you.

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