Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Seminary Graduation in the Car

We packed (and I mean PACKED) the cars up and together with the Jones family, 
we drove to Newport Beach, California to spend a week out of the heat.
On the ride there Jane and I tuned into her Seminary Graduation ceremony
via Zoom, and Christian attended in North Carolina.
 Jane was the only one in our ward who graduated this year.
I was so proud of her!
Our Bishop accepted her diploma on her behalf and gave
us the thumbs up in the camera.
Jane burst out in tears.
We are so thankful for the many seminary teachers who have 
supported her and helped her grow spiritually along her 4-year seminary journey.
She attended her first year of seminary in Utah, her second year in New Mexico,
and her last two years were in North Carolina.
It was kind of a bummer to not physically be in attendance,
but holding little Milo's hand in the car was a close second.
I am so proud of you for taking seminary seriously,
it will forever bless and enhance your life!

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