Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Lake.

If there is one thing we miss while living in North Carolina, it's
all the options Arizona has lots of options with
food, treats, restaurants, and stores.
There are SO many to choose from here!
Since Christian's been here, we've been getting
 our fill at all the places we love to eat,
especially for salmon tacos!
Of course, we hit Swig for drinks and treats after.
Then we escaped the heat on Spencer and Lindsay's boat
for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
We swam (and dried off in 10 seconds), cliff-jumped
 and did some fantastic tubing behind the boat.
I even tried wakeboarding, but since my hands can't make a fist,
 tightly gripping the rope is almost impossible. 
 It's kind of a bummer, but Spencer was so sweet to keep 
trying to get me up, but after about ten failures, I regret to inform
that I gave up because my hands were hurting and
 I felt like they were going to fall off.
BUT I'm not giving up forever!
 I will try again, and before I die, I will wakeboard again.

We were laughing because when our families
would hang out ten years ago, I'd pack and lug my giant
 Canon Rebel to capture the moments. 
But I'm sure glad I did because we have thousands of fun photos of
our adventures together!
Like this one of me and Lindsay with our babies, Riggs and Lottie
in 2012 on our sailboat in Utah.

Good times!!

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