Sunday, June 27, 2021


Today was my 40th birthday, and I've discovered 
as the years go by and the older I get, having a birthday
 on Sunday is actually the best!
Everyone is home, everyone is close, and it's calm and quiet.
Today during Relief Society, Claire called me from
 Brazil to wish me a happy birthday!
I left the lesson which Lindsay was teaching and found Christian in his class
and together, we jumped in the car and talked to her while sitting 
in the church parking lot. 
She seems SO good!
She's happy and bright, and her face shines!
After church Lindsay, Jane, and the girls set the
 table nice with delicious food, and
Lindsay even found a cotton candy beverage to go with our dinner.
Everyone shared a nice thing they liked about me 
and that made me cry.
Then we went for a walk, followed by a game of
 speed in 110-degree weather,
no big deal.  
We came home, and Lindsay had a delicious COTTON CANDY
 ice cream cake for me.
Could this day get any better?
With my bright face red from heat exhaustion, 
and in between cake bites, I opened up a few gifts.
The Nies bought me a beautiful pink skirt I had my eye on at Anthropologie
(Thanks, kids...mostly Jane), and the 
 Jones's got me a new pair of Birkencrocks!  Yay!
One can't make it to 40 without help.
I've had SO much help, and it was evident today in my children,
Christian, and my best friends, the Joneses.
I am so lucky.
Talked to Claire- Check
Surrounded by my favorite people- Check
Cotton candy birthday cake- Check

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