Wednesday, June 30, 2021

You Only Turn 40 Once

 I don't know what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life
because today, they really outdid themselves.
This afternoon Christian took me out to lunch in Scottsdale
 at one of our favorite pizza restaurants.
I wanted to order about five different types of cookies and cake along
with lunch but he told me in a very cryptic way not to 
because I'd want to save room for later.
I didn't know what "later" meant and decided to order just one piece of
 7-layer red velvet cake (and I ate most of it).
After lunch, we drove around looking at houses and I didn't think he 
was trying to stall or anything like that until Jane called him and he said
"Ok, so you want me to keep stalling?"
Then I knew something was up.
He finally told me that he had another birthday surprise for me which
is why we'd been driving around in Spencer's Tesla for about 3 hours.
Finally, we went home and all the kids were dressed in black and white.
Christian lead me downstairs and on my bed was an outfit laid
out that Jane had put together which included my new
birthday pink fluffy Anthroplpgie skirt.
I put it on and he took me upstairs and outside 
where all the Nies and Joneses were waiting for me
next to a GIANT LIMO in the driveway.
All of us jammed inside where we fiddled with all the buttons, 
pretended to make drinks at the mini bar, changed the mood lighting colors,
talked on the cab phone (with a cord!),
and we yelled out the windows.
I was driven to a beautifully decorated reception hall where
a gorgeous table and delicious spread of food were waiting for us.
Jane seated me at the head and put a crown on my head.
I was crying.
I couldn't believe this was all for me.
 Jane and Lindsay had carefully prepared and kept this
a secret from me for weeks.
In between tears, I kept asking why they would do this for little old me
and Lindsay said "because we love you, and because you only turn 40 once."
In the past few weeks, I have been so lifted and helped and supported
by Lindsay, I had no words.
Everyone needs a Lindsay and a daughter just like my Jane
who helped plan the menu, cook the food, and
prepare for this amazing night.
They also made cotton candy and licorice cupcakes,
my two favorite flavors!
I feel so loved, and so undeserving of this evening.
After dinner, we went outside to light sparklers 
and I tried to memorize everything
so I would never forget a single detail of this beautiful night.
Also tonight Christian got a call from work with some very wonderful
happy news, that we've been praying for.
So grateful and happy...but he has to jet back to North Carolina
earlier than we had expected.
The Nies and I will be here in Arizona for a few more weeks.

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