Thursday, June 03, 2021

I trust in God.

Nicholas and Oliver finished school today, and Lottie will end on the 8th.
I bought plane tickets for me and the Nies to fly out to Arizona on the 9th
 to be with Jane and stay with the Jones family for several weeks.
We've planned a trip to Califonia, and I will go to 
visit Utah for family events in Provo.
Chrisitan will stay behind working and finding us a new home.
Leaving him will be horrible, especially since we're not sure when 
we will be reunited. I don't have return tickets, and Christian
doesn't have tickets out to Arizona...yet.
  Everything has been so up in the air and unsettled.
But...I trust in God.
I'm not sure why our plans aren't working out, and the future is fuzzy,
and all I can say is that I trust in God even when I am
 scared, worried, and feeling uncertain.
Lucky for us, we've had so many wonderful friends who have
 been so great to come to our aid and help us during our move.
One family, in particular in our church congregation, 
offered us a second home to stay in before we leave out West.

The home has a fantastic community pool and for the past
few days after I pick up Lottie from
school, she and the boys spend the rest of the day there, making
towel forts and enjoying the entire pool by themselves.
Even in the pouring rain.
North Carolina is warming up with its glorious humidity,
spontaneous thunderstorms and amazing evening clouds
and tonight, Christian and I took the Nies out to dinner
then the two of us went to a movie.  
It's been over a year since we've been to a movie together.
It's fun to be back (especially for the popcorn).
It's been a really long time since we've been on a real proper date.
We enjoyed the movie together, but my favorite part of our date
was driving in the car together, just talking.
I could talk and talk and talk to Christian for hours.
I am so thankful for him.
We're going to get this all figured out, and the Lord will 
be right there as we do it.
It's trying to be patient through it all that is so hard.

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