Friday, June 04, 2021

Farewell White House.

 Well, we did it. Again.
We said our goodbyes to one of the most charming homes 
we've ever lived in, our beloved White House.
(We're getting really good at this).
We've known we were moving since March and staying unfortunately
wasn't part of the Nielson journey. 
A lot of things that I have wanted to be in my plans haven't 
panned out the way I'd had hoped or wanted exactly.  
And I am learning that patience and trust in the Lord and His timing
is where I find peace and assurance, even if it seems scary and desperate.
Christian is in the middle of his business, and we've wagered a lot
on it becoming successful, and we know eventually it will, but it takes time,
and unfortunately, The White House couldn't wait it out with us,
and the owners decided to sell it.
Next week I am going out West for a month or so while Christian stays
in a very generous friend's basement to work and find us another home.
We did this in 2004 when we moved to New Jersey.
Clane was just 3 and 2, and I was pregnant (and so sick) with Oliver.
We lived with another really generous family, but after a month of living in their
upstairs guest room, I decided I was probably going to die.
 Christian was working long hours in Piscataway, about 30 minutes away 
from where we were living in East Brunswick.
So we made a hard decision and
the girls and I flew back west to live with my parents while
Christian could find us a home of our own.
Sure enough after about a month, he found us the Harvey House.
It's funny what life teaches us about ourselves and our potential.
I guess the Lord isn't finished teaching me about patience in this way.
I guess our family needs more refining and growing as we endure
these all too-familiar feelings.
I've read and listened to President Nelson's recent conference talk,
over and over and over and over again as I walk some very dim paths.
Each time I do, I feel my spiritual batteries charge.
"The mountains in our lives do not always move how or when we would like. 
But our faith will always propel us forward. 
Faith always increases our access to godly power."
I want to have faith.  I can have faith.
I have faith to know that He knows what our family needs, 
and our family's individual desires for growth and the future.
So we took the very last load to the storage unit, 
I dispersed all of my glorious plants (indoor and outdoor)
to about three different wonderful neighbors and friends who 
took them in with open arms.
We dropped Angus off at the pet boarding house for a WHOLE MONTH,
sold Lottie's bird, Snow, sold Fern, Nicholas's hedgehog,
 and started a whole other chapter in our Nielson journey.
It doesn't make sense, and I often wonder what we're doing,
but I have faith in Him to move the mountains in front of me and our family.
No matter how long it takes, how messy it gets, or how embarrassed I feel,
I trust in Him.
"Please know this: if everything and everyone else in the world 
whom you trust should fail, Jesus Christ and His Church will never fail you.
 The Lord never slumbers, nor does He sleep. He “is the same yesterday,
 today, and tomorrow.” He will not forsake His covenants, 
His promises, or His love for His people. He works miracles today, 
and He will work miracles tomorrow.
Faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest power available to us in this life. 
All things are possible to them that believe."

The White House was a great home,
and we made so many wonderful happy memories inside her walls.
And we will do it again in another home.
I firmly believe it's the Spirit of God, and the feeling He brings
into our home that makes them so wonderful anyway.
And we have that in abundance!

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