Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Brazil, here she comes!

 We had a wonderful conversation with Claire yesterday on P-day.
With every facetime conversation we have, she seems stronger and wiser.
She was really excited yesterday because she was assigned to serve with
 a new companion who is fluent in Portuguese.
And tonight around 9:00 we unexpectedly got a facetime message from her
(which only happens on Mondays).
I have to admit I was a little bit nervous not knowing why she was calling.
I answered the phone and Christian and Jane popped on, too.  

Claire's face showed up and she was smiling ear to ear.
"Hi, honey!" I yelled into the phone.  "What's up?  Are you OK?"
"Yes, oh my gosh, guess what! I'M GOING TO BRAZIL!!
 I just got off the phone with President.  
My visa went through, I'm cleared to go on June 18!"
We all cried with excitement, and Claire was ecstatic
she could barely get the words out.
Christian told her that this good news was just the beginning of
good things to come for our family.
It seems like it's been hard all over and 
this bright news was a breath of fresh air for our family, and
we hung up the phone feeling hopeful.
But not before having a family prayer over the phone
(like we always do when our facetime conversations with Claire end)
thanking God for this good news.

What a blessing for Claire to have a new companion who can
help her brush up on her Portuguese for a few weeks
as she prepares to leave the country.

God's wisdom is perfect and I wish that I had more faith 
to see His plan for our family and for Claire,
 but so grateful He is teaching me personally through her experiences.
And I am so thankful for Claire and her strong faith to endure.

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