Monday, May 31, 2021

Leaving The White House.

Today we spent the day finishing up the last bit of moving.
I dropped Lottie off at school, and we began a solid day of packing/moving.
I cleaned the house, scrubbed the floors, rolled up the rugs, 
and we moved the last of the boxes out of the house and into the truck.  
We're spreading our stuff between two storage units and a friend's garage.
Toward the end of the packing, I gave up trying to be organized while packing.
 I threw kitchen towels in boxes with books, and I have a box
just for any stragglers (pens, mail, things I found under the couch,
clothes left in the dryer, and socks I found).
We also dropped Angus off at a boarding place for a WHOLE MONTH!
It was a sad goodbye, but I am relieved he'll be taken care of while
we transition.
While at the pet boarding place, 
Gigs bartered a deal with the lady in charge and
sold Fern for $100.00.  
It was an answer to prayers, as sad as it was.
We found a place for the scorpions, cockroaches, lizards, beetles, Angus, 
and we sold Lottie's bird but had yet to find a place for Fern.
I felt lots of guilt about making my kids give up the comforts of a life they
were happy in.  I feel like I am doing that a lot.
 I do admit that I wonder when the Lord will "stretch forth his hand"
as it frequently says in the scriptures, and save us.
I know someday we will look back at these times with gratitude and
with lessons learned, but right now, it's hard to see the future.
I know that is why we need the Savior and His peace.
It was a loooong day of moving, and we had a hotel for the evening since
all the beds were packed up.
I dropped Nicholas and Lottie off at the hotel, put Gigs in charge
of making sure they both had a shower and went to bed.
I made Lottie lunch for school the next day
with the last food we had in the house.
We stored it in the hotel mini-fridge.
Then, Ollie, Christian, and I worked until 2:00 in the morning making
 trips to the storage unit, lifting boxes, and packing.
We had the final load all ready to go and discovered the storage unit gate was 
locked, so we turned around and parked it at The White House for the night.
We got to the hotel and collapsed in bed.
I set my alarm for 6:30 am to get Lottie to school and finish
the last load the next day.
Lucky for us, Claire is calling us tomorrow instead of today.
It would have been really overwhelming to talk to her today
while moving.

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