Saturday, May 29, 2021

Remember the Scorpion?

 Last March when our family went to Arizona for Spring Break Gigs
 caught himself five scorpions in the Jones's backyard and smuggled
them on the plane back to the humid world of North Carolina.
One morning Gigs brought the scorpion habitat he carefully constructed
downstairs to be cleaned out.  
During that process, one of the scorpions managed to escape into the house!
Christian almost stepped on him while in the laundry room then
we all watched as he swiftly snuck himself under the washer.
I hadn't seen him after that and assumed he'd die with the nearly 40 degree 
chilly Spring North Carolina weather.
Today as we lifted the TV console up to be taken to the storage unit, 
Gigs who was apparently not really 
helping us shrieked, let go of the furniture, and ran to his backpack
and pulled out a little Tupperware.
 Then he ran back and trapped something on the ground.
His face was bright and he was smiling from ear to ear, but he also very quiet, too.
After taking the furniture to the car we came back inside
 and asked Gigs what he had caught.
It was that scorpion that had escaped months before!!  
Still alive and living among us in perfect harmony!
Questions rattled around in my mind.
What was he eating all these days?
Have I almost stepped on him?
Was he wandering around the house or huddled under the console the whole time?
Gigs scooped him up and put him back in his habitat then later we
dropped them off along with his cockroach collection
to some very angelic friends who will take good care of these
critters while we live in transition.

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