Friday, May 28, 2021

Moving from The White House Day 2.

Moving is always challenging.  
And I should know because I've done it a few times
 and by now, you'd think I'd be good at it.  
Well, I'm not, especially since I'm not sure where the heck we are going to!
Today we packed up most of the furniture in the house.
The hardest part for me while moving is maintaining balance 
and normality during the whirlwind of change.
So I made tacos tonight for dinner with paper plates and refried beans
from a can, and it tasted super good.
Of course, we still have a fridge full of cold drinks and anything
tastes good with a cold one.
We put in a full day today, and my feet hurt.
I took photos of us moving.
It was a very pleasant summer evening with the moon bright.
Gigs and Lottie have been watching a lot of movies lately.

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