Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Attitude is Free

 I received a box of cool shirts for my family from a local Arizona company, 
They are one of the sponsors who are supporting the Mt. Kilamanjaro hike that 
Christian and I are doing next summer with fellow burn survivors.
Anyway, I wear these shirts almost every day when I exercise.
 and today I decided to take a few photos of that happening 
so I could always remember that one time I was in
 good shape and very, very grateful for my body.
Later that day I got a package in the mail from my mom and along
with some BYU chocolate cinnamon bears, she sent me
me a copy of a December 1984 article in the Ensign
written by a friend of my mom's.
For the story, my mom and I were sketched singing Christmas songs 
to an old lady in a rest home.
I don't really remember doing it, but I totally remember the 
little red dress I wore.  I loved that dress.

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